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Dr. K (Part 2): Rhetorical Judo Flips
Episode 1058th July 2024 • Decoding the Gurus • Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
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Join Matt and Chris for a trademark 'short' episode as they continue to navigate the complex, occasionally controversial world of Dr. K in this second multi-dimensional episode. This time they take a look at some more recent content and reflect on whether they were wrong to identify Dr. K as such a strong advocate of Ayurvedic medicine. In their investigations, they explore the science of visualisation and manifestation, updated genomic information about the Doshas, and the power of mantras to bend the universe.

But primarily they focus on the recent lively discussion between Dr. K and another famous YouTube Doctor, Dr. Mike. Their discussion touched on various topics including the mechanisms of science, the power of consciousness, personalized treatments, and the placebo effect. All good fodder for the DTG grinder even if it ends up, as it so often does, with Chris and Matt gently discussing their points of view about the nature of mind and the (alleged) mystery of subjective experience (we are sorry!).

So join us for a thought-provoking ride through scientific criticism, holistic practices, and age-old East vs. West / Alternative vs Science-based medicine debates as we attempt to decipher whether Dr. K is a modern-era internet sage or a charismatic storyteller and alternative medicine advocate.




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