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Episode #005 - Nigel Miller. MD, Active Learning Group
Episode 520th September 2020 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Welcome episode number 5 in which I’m joined by Nigel Miller who is the Managing Director of Active Learning Group and Chairman of Outlook Expeditions. I first met Nigel back in 2006 and worked for him for 5 years as his Group HR Director and was delighted when he agreed to come on the show.

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Episode Overview

As always, we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, digging into things such as the importance of always learning and adopting a growth mindset. Nigel shared his thoughts on why it’s so critical for leaders to surround themselves with great people, his belief that leaders don’t need to have all of the answers and why our calendar is the most important tool for us to master.

So, without any further delay, enjoy my conversation with Nigel Miller.

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