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Muscle Secrets They Don't Want You to Know! | Dr. Andy Galpin
Episode 10625th June 2024 • The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
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Dr. Andy Galpin, a leading muscle physiology expert, shares his unique insights on skeletal muscle biomarkers, the impact of sleep on health, and his philosophies on scientific information. With a career dedicated to enhancing the performance of top athletes and fighters, Dr. Galpin brings a fresh perspective on health and wellness that challenges conventional wisdom. Don't miss this deep dive into the mechanics of our muscles and learn how you can apply these insights to improve your own health and performance.

Exciting News! Dr. Andy Galpin has launched a brand new podcast! Dive deep into the science of human performance, fitness, and health with one of the leading experts in the field.Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your understanding and achieve your peak performance.

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