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Paul Teshima, Chief Client Experience Officer at Wealthsimple, talks evolution of CX and the CXO/CCO role
Episode 525th August 2021 • Be Customer Led • Bill Staikos
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Paul Teshima is the Chief Client Experience Officer and Head of Wealthsimple Invest. Wealthsimple is a financial technology company that gives their clients powerful financial tools and human advice to help them grow and manage their money.

Paul and I sat down to talk about:

🎙 His journey through Product and Strategy roles into Experience

🎙 The evolution of Customer Experience from his lens

🎙 The evolution of the Chief Experience Officer role and its proliferation across industry

🎙 Advice for people on the Product side looking to move over to Experience

🎙 How he influences culture from his seat

An amazing conversation with significant product and operational perspective, who is bringing all of that to bear to create great experiences for Wealthsimple's customers.