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WafflesMapleSyrup - The WafflesMapleSyrup Network 27th January 2020
Time Has Past - Prologue

Time Has Past - Prologue

Welcome to Time Has Past with WafflesMapleSyrup!

We have here everything you need to get caught up for the story up to Ep. 1!


!Disclaimer: As our first foray in to Podcasting, the audio quality of our early episodes is rough. But we've learned SO much and are excited to share that journey with you! If Episode 1 proves a bit too rough for your ears, no worries! We recommend starting at the beginning of the Qateon Arc (Ep. 4 Pt. 1) where things are a touch more manageable, and only get better from there. Thank you! <3


WafflesMapleSyrup present an actual play Pathfinder 2e podcast, authentic, uncut, and hilarious from our live stream for your enjoyment!

So come join us at our table as we fly by the seat of our pants. The way TTRPGs are intended!

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