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If Consistency is Key, What Happens When There are no Mid-Year Exams?
Episode 5618th May 2022 • ParentEd • Focus on the Family Singapore
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With the recent government announcement regarding removing mid-year examinations for all primary and secondary school students, what have parents made of this decision? Would it mean less practice for examinations or one less opportunity to track their child's academic progress?

Joining our host, June Yong, is mother of two, Judith, who shares her honest thoughts about what is truly important in a child's academic journey and aptly reminds parents that each unique child learns and excels differently, with holistic growth being of greater priority and importance.

Judith is a family-life advocate and work-life consultant who believes that strong marriages and sound parenting make for resilient families. Judith began her career in market research before moving to pursue a passion in family life education. Currently, Judith splits her time between championing for families through training and writing, and raising her two sons, Micah and Ezra.


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