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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 31, 5th January 2021
10,000 NOs with Matt Del Negro
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10,000 NOs with Matt Del Negro

How do you feel when you’re forced into doing something that is doomed to fail? What if things do not work out as you planned them to be? Do you wallow in despair? In today’s episode, Matt Del Negro, actor and athlete, sits down with Sharran and shares his process for navigating through failures and how his experiences led him to write the book 10,000 NOs. If you or someone you know is going through some rough times, heed Matt’s advice: Give yourself a period to be sad, get up, put the hurt aside, and get back to work. 

“Don’t wallow in it, get up, take your medicine, feel the pain, process it, and then you’ve got to move on.” – Matt Del Negro

In This Episode:

- The Wizard of Oz and Matt’s first acting audition

- Matt’s first journal and The Art of Authentic Journaling

- How Matt wrote his book in a month: “I wrote it before I wrote it.”

- Signs from the Universe: The First YES and external validation for Matt

- How do you accept a NO and what to do when your plans don’t work out

- Compartmentalize and Integrate: Matt’s weapon, shield, and strategy for handling rejection and moving on

- The power of character development and learning from great actors

- What 10,000 NOs mean to Matt and how his experiences transformed his life


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