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That's The Job - Richard Baird and Craig Burgess EPISODE 7, 24th May 2020
Starting out as a freelancer. Part Two.
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Starting out as a freelancer. Part Two.

A few weeks ago we covered how to get started as a freelancer. This week we’re returning to the topic.

00:11 - Qualifying a lead

02:06 - Explain what they’re getting.

04:55 - Saying no to things (red flags).

10:01 - Setting expectations with clients.

14:23 - Red flags. Part Two.

16:43 - Writing proposals and winning work.

24:31 - Explain your design work to a client.

27:09 - Getting things wrong.

30:34 - Red flags. Part three.

31:11 - Do you get nervous when you present work?

37:34 - Don't send angry emails.

44:30 - Stepping away from projects.

49:57 - The one piece of advice for getting started as a freelancer.


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