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You've Rested But You Still Start Your Week Feeling Tired
Episode 2517th November 2022 • The Grief Code • Ian Hawkins
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Ian addresses the question of why a person could feel exhausted after having just experienced a long weekend or a period of leisure.

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  • Understand the variables that are preventing you from being able to rest, as well as the things that are draining your energy, in order to determine the reason why you are still feeling exhausted.
  • How to get good at unwinding so that you can enjoy your free time without worrying about the things that are beyond your control.
  • How to determine whether or not you have provided enough and whether or not you have exerted all of the work that is required of you.
  • How do you lighten the load of your thoughts and emotions so that you can confide in a trusted friend or loved one. 

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Ian Hawkins is the Founder and Host of The Grief Code. Dealing with grief firsthand with the passing of his father back in 2005 planted the seed in Ian to discover what personal freedom and legacy truly is. This experience was the start of his journey to heal the unresolved and unknown grief that were negatively impacting every area of his life. Leaning into his own intuition led him to leave corporate and follow his purpose of creating connection for himself and others. 

The Grief Code is a divinely guided process that enables every living person to uncover their unresolved and unknown grief and dramatically change their life and the lives of those they love. Thousands of people have now moved from loss to light following this exact process. 

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Are you ready, ready to release internal pain to find confidence, clarity and direction for your future, to live a life of meaning, fulfillment and contribution to trust your intuition again, but something's been holding you back, you've come to the right place. Welcome. I'm a Ian Hawkins, the host and founder of The Grief Code podcast. Together, let's heal your unresolved or unknown grief by unlocking your grief code. As you tune into each episode, you will receive insight into your own grief, how to eliminate it, and what to do next. Before we start by one request, if any new insights or awareness land with you during this episode, please send me an email at info at the end Hawkins And let me know what you found. I know the power of this work, I love to hear the impact these conversations have. Okay, let's get into it.

So even though you prioritized, rest and relaxing, chilling out, getting some things done, perhaps but you've rested and maybe even had a long weekend. And yet, you come back to start the week and you still feel tired, you still struggle to get yourself up is still maybe even feel like almost an uneasiness in your body, almost like your body's weak. And it's not going to stop you from getting on with your day and getting on with your week. But there is a an element where it's like, I should feel better this should be more rested right? Now, there are some really basic things that can impact this, like not having a plan, not having a structure, even for your weekend, right? might seem crazy, but it's like, know what's on when and know when you've got spaces to do nothing and know where you got spaces where you've got to be organized. Not feeling like you're you're all over the place with your rest not being consumed with thoughts. Because that's really where the energy goes, is it when you see consuming a heap of energy over the weekend, even trying to switch off. Worry about things outside of your control. You're thinking about things that you've got to do things that you're waiting on, people that you're waiting on. And a really big one is trying to using energy, trying to keep your partner happy. Now you may be conscious of this at times where you're thinking are like, Have I got enough done for them? Have I done all the jobs, but quite possibly could be playing at an unconscious level, you're you're being driven to make sure you've done enough, which is that feeling of enough that sense of enough. It's something I've talked about a fair bit comes from quite a young age when we're trying to keep people happy, usually parents siblings, and have we done enough to keep them happy. They're repeating our relationships. And then there's those moments where you might feel like you're lazy. Or you're being told that you are or there's some reactions from your partner like oh, man, like in your head, you're like you economy lazy, I've just done this, this, this and this. There's always this sort of needing to have done enough. And what happens is you place unrealistic expectations on yourself. And you create these unrealistic expectations that your partner's created. And they may not even be true. Some of it so much of it's driven by this unconscious part of you that's trying to be enough. Now, sometimes this just takes a shift of your own behavior of realizing that you can control what you can control and, and you need to prioritize you and you need to make sure you're resting you need to get some stuff out of your head, maybe that's a brain dump on a Friday afternoon or whenever your weekends that also might require some conversations with your partner to say, well, this is what's going on for me, this is what's happening. This is what I've learned. I need to make sure I get better at this at the weekend. So that you can wake up on a Monday or again, whenever you're awake happens to start with you've had a long weekend, whatever that starts, we've had it sometimes even when you've had a holiday and you come back feeling the same way. You want to be better for your partner, for your children, for your family, whoever you live with. And you want to make sure that you're giving yourself the best chance. So sometimes it requires that challenging conversation. But it will absolutely empower you to have that proper rest to be able to properly switch Have recharge, come back renewed, and have the energy and the desire to do the things that you truly want to do. From the basic of exercising to all the way through to some project, you'd love to start some idea you've come up with some creation that you just love to see come to reality. Some of these things that you've been thinking about doing, you might have been thinking about it for a long time and haven't acted on renewing your energy properly is going to be a big part of that. As always, journal on this, if you're not sure, allow your subconscious, your unconscious brain to find solutions for you. And of course, if you know someone who's going through something like this, and they're, they're always going to be tired. share this episode with him. And we can, together help more people to move past their grief and live the life on their terms.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Grief Code podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Please share it with a friend or family member that you know would benefit from hearing it too. If you are truly ready to heal your unresolved or unknown grief, let's chat. Email me at info at Ian Hawkins You can also stay connected with me by joining the Grief Code community at Ian Hawkins forward slash The Grief Code and remember, so that I can help even more people to heal. Please subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform