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Singing The Blues : Sheffield Wednesday Podcast - Dom And James; Dom Howson; James Marriott EPISODE 38, 18th April 2020
Introducing: The Singing The Blues Isolation Awards

Introducing: The Singing The Blues Isolation Awards

Introducing: The First (and hopefully not annual) Singing The Blues ISOLATION AWARDS!

There's still no football so this week we draw up ten categories to pick out the best - and worst - of the season so far.

These are the awards up for grabs:

  • Most Improved Player
  • Young Player / Newcomer 
  • Best Game
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Best Player Seen At Hillsborough
  • Best Signing
  • Best Goal
  • Best Player
  • Worst Moment
  • Best Moment

We agree on some of them and reach a decision on most of them - but one of them will go to the public vote to decide.

Remember, it's rubbish not having football - but our sacrifice is helping to save lives. Stay home > Protect The NHS > Save Lives.

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