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How to start planning your Kodály Music Curriculum
Episode 242nd June 2022 • Doremi Teach • Helen Russell
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Do you want or need to create a singing based curriculum for your school, class or club?

Maybe you’ve done some Kodály training but have been left highly motivated but not quite knowing where to start.

In today’s episode we’re going to walk you through some of the first planning tasks you’ll need to do to create your own Kodály curriculum

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Key points:

Good high level objectives for beginner musicians have the following seven qualities

1 - are a single musical element

2 - exist in all music

3 - are really specific

4 - can be easily explained

5 - have clearly defined prerequisites or none

6 - have a clear path to the next step

7 - exist alongside the practice and preparation of other objectives

Starting with a massive list of possible contenders, Helen will help you narrow them down to the key objectives for your curriculum.

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Here's Helen's starting list of objective contenders - you can add to them if you can!

Beat, rhythm, scales, pitch, high, low, clefs, crotchets, quavers, key signatures, texture, timbre, phrasing, form, time signatures, Italian terms, swing, harmony, chords, ostinato, singing, instruments, forte, loud, piano, soft, crescendo, repeats, composition, improvisation, sight reading, unison, polyphony, composers, classical music, folk music, playground songs, listening, jazz, bars, bar lines, modulation, orchestra, opera, musicals, pop music, ukuleles, keyboard, percussion, duets, tempo, sharps, flats, major, minor, syncopation