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DOCSF 2023: AI surgeon support in the OR
3rd July 2023 • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF) • Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF)
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Can AI support surgeons in the operating room? Let’s find out.

In this episode, we feature Edouard Saget, Co-Founder at OrthoGrid Systems, who delves into the role of AI in surgical workflows. Saget explains how AI can bring reproducibility, accuracy, and efficiency to surgical procedures, emphasizing the importance of developing AI solutions that address specific challenges and cater to the needs of surgeons. While acknowledging the numerous advantages of utilizing these tools, he also recognizes the obstacles associated with implementing AI in the operating room, such as the requirement for robust data and the potential for errors.

Join us as we learn about AI in surgical navigation systems, examine the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into the operating room, and underscore the significance of creating tailored AI solutions.

Tune in to this episode to gain insights into the applications of AI in surgery and the vital considerations surrounding its implementation!