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Exploration in Movement Artistry with Choreographer & Producer Tony Testa
Episode 118th February 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Evolna
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Tony Testa is a standout choreographer, director, and producer in the dance industry. His deep respect and appreciation for dance as an art form is truly mesmerizing, and with that he continues to be an active observer, philosopher, and lifelong student of the medium as his work with movement expands. I am so grateful that Tony took the time to chat with me in this episode, and that through our conversation together you will have the pleasure of experiencing the intersection of movement, art, and dance, through his eyes. So much of what was shared here has inspired me in my own life, and I am thrilled to offer these kernels of wisdom to you all as well.

To connect further with Tony and learn more about his work, you can head over to his website or search his name through Youtube and Vimeo.

Vimeo and Youtube: search Tony Testa

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