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Soul Love: Your Invitation to Leap Into Your Intimacy
Episode 249th February 2024 • The Free to Be Show • Cordelia Gaffar
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This is the audio version of my recent LinkedIn article Soul Love vs Carnal Ravaging.

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At the end, I make an invitation to join the 29 day challenge to leap into your intimacy. On my website, I share all the details of this 29 day DIY experience.

I am here for YOU! Reclaim your Ultimate-Joy! You may not realize it but your body wants you back. Be present in your body like never before.

It’s leap year, which means that we get 29 days in February!

Vibration matters and the vibrational meaning of 29 is

(2) Harmony

(9) Transformation awakening

and in calendar format you get to experience your intimacy transformation with harmony and balance.

There are also journal pages included to capture your experience and voice memos are also highly recommended. Also you may chose to join my private LinkedIn Group ( to enhance your experience.

Mindlessness is the Real Issue: Let’s Make Distinctions

There is sex. And then there is great sex.

There is being orgasmic. And then there is being multi-orgasmic.

Everyone who has sex is not having great sex.

Everyone who has an orgasm may not have more than one.

Most women do not have orgasms. Not even one.

Most men don’t know that they can have more than one orgasm.

Most people don’t know that sex is sacred.

Most people don’t know that when you reach orgasm that is a form of enlightenment.

My call is back to soul love.

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