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Cloudflare’s Approach to Travel Risk Management
1st March 2023 • The Employee Safety Podcast • AlertMedia
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Now that business travel is back, risk management is a tall order. With a legal duty of care to protect employees while traveling, organizations have their plates full ensuring the physical and cyber security of their most precious assets. 

So, how does a small team tackle travel risk management for thousands of employees? 

Delia Midamba is Head of Physical Security at Cloudflare, where she sees a vast array of travel requests hit her desk. In this episode, Delia shares her approach to risk management that protects company IP, executives, and employees while traveling.

Listen in to learn how to:

  • Conduct a pre-travel risk assessment for employees
  • Rate, review, and manage travel requests
  • Account for legal and tax implications for remote work and business travel
  • Ensure executive protection while traveling
  • Balance company duty of care with employee right to privacy

The Employee Safety Podcast is hosted by Peter Steinfeld, SVP of Safety Solutions at AlertMedia.

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