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10. How Gen Z Are Shaping The Workplace / Cat Agostinho from Imagen Insights
7th March 2023 • Unserious Careers • Alana Kilmartin
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Cat Agostinho is the co-founder of Imagen Insights, a company enabling agencies and brands to crowdsource insights from their Gen Z community within 72 hours.

In this episode we cover:

  • Cat's own career path and her background in digital marketing.
  • Her decision not to go to university: how that impacted the start of her career and the imposter syndrome she has experienced.
  • Gen Z vs Millennials in the workplace.
  • The importance of work life harmony and access to career progression for Gen Z.
  • How Gen Z are purposely mapping out their lives
  • Work life balance in the trades
  • The value of positive role models and developing relationships with mentors. 
  • How to find a mentor.

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