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The One About Inner Validation with Sarah Ann LaFleur
Episode 1128th March 2024 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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In this week's episode, I speak to Sarah Ann LaFleur, a trauma-informed relationship counsellor, writer, and post-lineage yoga teacher. You might know her from Instagram where she shares education on trauma and the healing process with over 102,000 followers!

Tune in to hear us talking about:

  • The truth about seeking validation externally, versus inner or self-validation
  • The profound healing of IFS (internal family systems)and parts work
  • The impact and legacy we create for the next generation by integrating our parts and doing healing work
  • How to make sense of nuance and hold more than one truth
  • The pros and cons of different therapeutic settings (coaching vs therapy)

And, in this week's behind-the-scenes 'The Patron Part with Sarah Ann LaFleur' Sarah shares her thoughts on sobriety, rule-breaking and a defining moment in her maturity.

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Meet Sarah Ann LaFleur:

Sarah Ann LaFleur is an IFS therapist who specializes in trauma, addiction, and relationships. She helps people become the loving adults they needed when they were younger.

She helps people recover from complex trauma and dysfunctional family dynamics. She uses her platform to educate and advocate around complex trauma and relational intimacy. Facilitates embodied practice in her community, as well as sharing her own story through poetry and story medicine.

Connect with Sarah:


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