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Raising Black & White Kids in America with Hasani Pettiford, Ep #2
Episode 26th February 2023 • Dads On Tap • Scott Mawdesley
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You’ll never agree with someone 100%, especially when you have different backgrounds and hold different beliefs. I’m convinced that—as a white dad—we have to start by shutting up and listening. 

Secondly, if we are going to lead as dads, we have to be in real relationships with black brothers. We exist to challenge each other and grow as dads. We have to stretch our thinking and be in relationships with people who are different from us. 

Hasani Pettiford has been married 20 years and has four girls, ages 11–18. He and his wife own a private coaching practice called “Couples Academy.” They’re marriage counselors that specialize in infidelity recovery. 

In this episode of Dads on Tap, Hasani shares what we can do to learn to understand each other and build better marriages for our families. 

interested in...

  • A conversation with Nate from our sponsor: Slow Pour Brewing [0:50]
  • Learn more about Hasani Pettiord, his work, and his family [9:10]
  • Hasani shares what his relationship with his dad looked like [11:46] 
  • Hasani’s philosophy as a dad and how he applies it in his home [15:15] 
  • Why I believe this topic is important to dive into [17:41] 
  • What white dads need to know about being a black dad in America [21:35] 
  • Why investing in your marriage is the best way to invest in your kids [28:30] 
  • Common mistakes men make that can cause problems in their marriage [30:23] 
  • What do your kids need to see you do—or not do—in your marriage? [33:00]
  • Three things Hasani has learned about being a good dad to daughters [36:00] 
  • Hasani shares some resources to learn more [38:20]

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