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Healing in Hindsight™ - Taylor Daniele™ EPISODE 3, 15th August 2020
How to prepare yourself before and after being diagnosed

How to prepare yourself before and after being diagnosed

Today we’re going to talk about preparation. So you’re about to have your doctor’s appointment. You’re nervous. You’re not sure what to expect or what to ask. What do you do? Not to worry. In this episode we go over how to prepare, things to potentially expect when you talk to your doctor, and other tools and tips to jumpstart your road to recovery. 

Being prepared about what to potentially expect can help you maximize time with your doctor. We all know you spend 30 minutes waiting and 5 minutes discussing. The quicker you can get to the point the better right? 


Prepare Yourself By Getting Clarity 

  • Do some research before you head to your appointment
  • Discuss terms and what your options are
  • Find out if anything you’re taking will have an effect on you

Medication And Meters

  • Understand what your medication is and the routine for taking it
  • Research/be ready to get your blood sugar meter. Personal suggestion? One Drop

Have A Routine

  • Work in taking your medication and checking your blood sugar in your day to day

Utilize Technology

  • Apps on apps on apps
  • Or keep it classy with good ol pen and paper


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