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Jason Barrett, Barrett Sports Media: Building a Valuable Niche Brand with Advertising, Events and Consulting
Episode 424th May 2022 • Monetize Media • CBWG Media Group LLC
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In this episode, Jason Barrett, founder of Barrett Sports Media, a media brand that covers the sports media and radio industry, talks about monetizing his brand through a mix of advertising, events, subscriptions, and consulting. How prioritizes building a deep relationship with sport media’s most powerful people. Making the switch from radio to self employment, creating content at scale for a specific niche, building and maintaining deep relationships in business, navigating the ever changing landscape of audio, and how he prices his consulting opportunities.

  1. (0:00) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason.  
  2. (1:20) Introducing Jason Barrett, his career, and Barrett media. 
  3. (2:00) The origins of Barrett Sports Media, Jason Barrett’s career, and balancing his career and family life. 
  4. (9:02) The responsibilities of running your own business and being self employed  
  5. (10:42) What Barrett Sports Media does, the value that Jason brings to the industry, and how the different parts of the business generate leads and opportunities for each other.  
  6. (16:07) The different income streams, the staff, and the three aspects of the business, and promoting quality daily content. 
  7. (23:55) Jason’s advice to someone who wants to start a business and the importance of building relationships with decision makers in your industry.  
  8. (30:05) The importance of having a niche and resisting the urge to go wider than your specific niche.    
  9. (36:24) Focusing on building a successful and reputable business or event instead of solely focusing on revenue. 
  10. (46:15) Jason’s opinion on radio and podcasting formats, and how the rise of podcasting impacts his consulting.  
  11. (49:05) Building out a website, job board, and growing your business.  
  12. (56:35) A period where Jason was worried about the business.  
  13. (1:00:04) One thing that Jason would change when he was getting started with Barrett Sports Media. 
  14. (1:03:45) Setting up a consulting business, structuring your rates, and the importance of flexibility for the needs of different clients. 
  15. (1:08:02) Creating ranking lists for your niche.  
  16. (1:11:30) A tool that is indispensable for Jason. 
  17. (1:12:10) Where to find Jason and Barrett Sports Media.  


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