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Chapter 101. If you don't stop, you can't fail.
Episode 10111th April 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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It never seems to stop this podcasting lark.

I was literally just getting over the Centennial episode (and what an episode it was, thanks again Mike H.) and the doorbell is going bonkers heralding the arrival of Chapter 101. And yet again it's another belter...

'But how can you be sure it's a belting episode of TCD' I hear you ask in a quizzical tone.

Well, that's easy, because it contains all the essential ingredients that make up the Victoria sponge of delight that is The Corona Diaries;

  1. A good value guest that fits right into the purple family
  2. One of those very special diary days
  3. A crooncast totally out of left field

This one's for you Don.