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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 29th March 2015
Learn, Create and Leverage your niche to get the most out of funding with DC Cordova
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Learn, Create and Leverage your niche to get the most out of funding with DC Cordova

We start by talking about how DC Cordova became a pioneer in teaching business education principles.

How she became business partners with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and built Money&You transformational entrepreneurial program- 44 hours of entrepreneurship and her intensive  Excellerated Business School sales and marketing, people and organization, money and financing, adding value to humanity.

Work became her dream life, she has taken her business internationally and how she has a strong purpose to uplift humanity’s consciousness to business. Transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.

She has worked with the great masters like Edward Deming and applied to real life situations. How she is moving to renewable energy being the future of the world.

DC Cordova-Red-10-7-14Top 2 challenges women entrepreneurs face?

1. Lack of Systems- There is a certain way of doing business. Business Success Model

2. Understand that even today women are still considered not equal to men. So it is important for women to work with their handicaps. DC Cordova expounds upon how she overcame her own handicaps as a women and how she became successful.She powered up by entrepreneurial knowledge. She learnt the patterns of thinking, negotiations and other entrepreneurial foundations. Power up with entrepreneurial education.

Do women need a certain experience to take her courses?

Their programs are for anybody. They teach generalized concepts in the Business Success Models.

Business success model

1. Learn from masters.

2. Create a niche that your masters may have passed on to you or learn from masters how to improve the niche that you have developed.

3. Leverage that niche. – Systems, leverage and love are 3 misunderstood words. They have to be studied, explored and experienced. It is important to try, make mistakes and learn. You will know your leverage when you no longer have to go to work for money. You

4. Align a team – know people. Clear purpose, rules of the game, synergy.

It is there in any business and it will help in creating automatic income.

What are the 3 most critical steps going from the idea phase to execution?

1. Be realistic with the industry that you are in. Don not be in love with the idea/product/service but be in love with the customers – Taught by Jay Abraham.

2. Planning – Step by step fro you to reach the goal and research that you want. If you don’t like a step, you still write it down. This will help you go nd get funding later. There are a lot of personalities out there. Many successful people that can fund a project are very detail oriented.

3. Clearing the blocks to “Deserve ability” – Change your mindset. There is no reason why you cannot be an exception. Surround yourself with people that are making millions. Build a network of successful entrepreneurs and mentors.  We talk about the impostor system. Women DNA is for us to be a nurturer, rescue, to be liked. There are great things when building teams but not when we are negotiating. It is important to keep that in mind. Know your strength, weakness, create a team around you. Create a mastermind. Have a mentor. DC has had a mentor and never not had one.

How important is the role of a mentor in your business and your entrepreneurial life? Where should they look for guidance and mentorship? 

Find a woman they admire that has done what they want to do or have the attributes, personality and heart that they may have. There has to be an alignment of purpose that has to occur. How it is very important to land on the same island in terms of mentors and even spouse. Women are more emotional and hard for us to complete, release and let go. DC takes people through the programs and can match up the entrepreneurs with mentors.

Also, it is important to note that as your goals are changing, you change and find the mentor that is more aligned to goals at that time- but not change that often. You need to be focused in your industry for a long period of time and important to do the market research to find out how long will it take to reach the pinnacle. If the universe brings you the right mentor, you will know.

When should a womenpreneur reach out to funding and how to find the right kind of funding?

Educate your self in that area. Research about funding and look at your own situation. Decide weather you really need funding, can you sell something and fund your business? DC took out refinancing her house to finance her business.

Do a business plan ahead of time, find some templates. Write to DC and she can recommend people that have planning charts templates and business plan templates for $500-$1000 to put together BP. You can pass it to masters to read and tweak it.

Don’t get funding just because you don’t have the funds, that is a sure shot way to lose money. Be very smart and take all the steps that will support you in knowing that you are ready. Then the chances of you funding will get expedited and be able to be successful and pay them back.

One piece of advice regarding funding or money to a women entrepreneur?

Make sure that your product and service is really unique. Put a trademark on it. What is our USP and why someone will want to invest in you and your service and product.

Lightning Round

What trophy would you ant on your mantel? Noble Prize to be part of a team to eradicate poverty and hunger.

What is your guilty pleasure? Driving her car, listening to gorgeous music in Hawaii.

What are you most passionate about ? Eradicate poverty and Hunger

What is your productivity hack? In the morning, the one thing you don’t want to do (Eat the Frog). Income generating activities that will create leverage. Do one humanitarian day everyday.

What is your personal motto? This moment is the first moment of the rest of my life.

What would you different is you were given another chance? Align herself with tougher mentors and hear their advice more deeply. Tough mentors are worth their weight in gold.


Here are links to all that we talked about

Money & You  http://www.MoneyandYou.com

Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs  http://www.BSE2015Cancun.com

Money Making systems  http://www.moneyandyou.com/money-making.html

You can reach DC Cordova on

Twitter @DCCordova