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Five Myths About Aging Busted: Thriving in the Second Half of Life
Episode 325th December 2023 • Aging with Grace & Style • Valerie Hatcher
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Show Notes:


In this episode of "Five to Thrive, Valerie debunks common myths about women over 50. She emphasizes the opportunities that come with age, encourages women to embrace their unique style, and highlights their engagement with technology. Valerie also discusses the value of women over 50 in society and the workplace, and encourages entrepreneurship in this age group. She concludes by reframing the perspective on aging, encouraging listeners to age with grace, style, and a thirst for life. She invites listeners to connect with her on social media and via email.

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Celebrity Stylist @stylistjbolin

Stylist: @urbsurburbstyle

Tanya Smith @streamlikeaboss

Sonic clear petite cleansing brush by @MichaelTodd



00:00 Introduction to the podcast episode

01:12 Busting the myth that beauty fades after 50

02:22 Busting the myth that women over 50 can't keep up with technology

03:41 Busting the myth that women over 50 become less relevant in society

04:48 Busting the myth that it's too late to start a new career or business after 50

06:44 Busting the myth that adventure and romance are only for the young

08:49 Celebrating the positive aspects of aging

14:42 Conclusion and call to embrace age with grace and style

Key Takeaways:

  • Beauty is timeless and age brings a depth and richness to it.
  • Women over 50 are rocking technology and are comfortable with smartphones and other technological advancements.
  • Women over 50 bring experience, knowledge, and insight that is invaluable in the workplace and society.
  • It's never too late to start a new career or business after 50, and many women are finding success and meaningful impact in their encore careers.
  • Adventure and romance are timeless and age should never be a barrier for experiencing them.

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Hello, beautiful ladies. Welcome back to another episode of 5 to thrive. I'm your host, Valerie Hatcher. Our mission is to provide empowering tips for women over 50 to help us Navigate this vibrant stage of life with grace, style, and a whole lot of fun. Each week, I bring you five practical and engaging tips on a specific topic. I hope you find them relevant and relatable, and we'll come back for more. Ready for today's episode? Then let's go. Welcome back gorgeous ladies.


Today we're diving into our 5 to thrive segment. You know what really grinds my nerves? It's those outdated myths about what we can and cannot do after 50. Too often society feeds us these limiting beliefs about aging as a woman. That life is downhill after 50. Creativity fades. Purpose dwindles. Adventures in and vibrancy is a thing of the past. Well, not on my watch.


Today, we're going to bust 5 common myths about being over 50. Let's challenge these stereotypes and rediscover what it means to thrive at this wonderful stage of life. We have far more possibilities in front of us after 50 than society's limiting beliefs would have us think I'm excited to completely shatter assumptions about what we are capable of and inspire us to live out our wise, bold years. However, we choose from being stylish to learning new things, to maturing rich social lives. Let's make room for possibility, not expired timelines. Did you know, research shows Our capacity for pursuing passions and purpose actually increases with age and life experience. So girl, grab your favorite cup of coffee, add an extra shot of espresso or whatever you'd like, and let's dive into busting these myths wide open. First of all, there's this persistent myth that beauty fades after 50.


Well, let me tell you, this is far from true, and it's a myth that we need to retire immediately. Beauty is timeless and age brings a depth and richness to it. We're living in a time where women over 50 are redefining beauty standards every day. Celebrities like Merle Dreep and Viola Davis and fashion icons like Iris Apfel, who is still Slaying trends at a 101 years old, mind you. Proof of style has no expiration date. By the way, If you're not following Iris on Instagram, you should do so. Oh, and let's not forget about the accidental icon Lynch later who showcases age inclusive clothing with flare. Remember, beauty evolves.


So here are a few ways that we can embrace it. 1st, create a style journal or a Pinterest board. When I see outfits that I like, I save them to my Pinterest board to go back to when I need a little inspiration. I actually do the same on Instagram. I save a post that has outfits that I like. Experiment with new fashion. Don't shy away from trying on new trends. Mix classic pieces with trendy ones.


There are 2 stylists that I follow on Instagram who inspire me with their unique perspective on fashion. First up is Jay Bolan, a celebrity stylist who's known for his colorful, fashionable, yet affordable choices. I've been following Jay for years and have picked up quite a few pieces that perfectly align with my style. His outfits are a mix of bold and unique. Then there's Erb Suburb Dial, who offers incredibly practical tips for mixing and matching outfits. He has a knack for showing how the mix and match pieces to create outfits that are both stylish and practical. Following these 2 will definitely give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air. Then let's talk self care rituals.


Invest in skincare routines that work for your skin type. Remember, We're not trying to hide our age, but we do want to keep our skin with a healthy glow. I recently found this new tool, Sonic Clear Petite. It's a face cleansing brush by Michael Todd. Oh, and it cleans so deep. Myth number 2 is a doozy. They say women over 50 can't keep up with technology. Now this stereotype is not just outdated.


It's laughably wrong. A report from the Pew Research Center found that 68% of adults age 50 to 64, are smartphone owners. So last I checked, smartphones were technology. We're not just comfortable with technology, we're rocking it in our daily lives. Listening to this podcast, scrolling through social, Shopping online, all of those things are part of the evolving technological world. So take Claire, a listener of our podcast. At 55, she learned to code. Now that's major.


And she launched her own mobile app now used by 1,000. So age is not a barrier to tech proficiency. It's an advantage. We have seen technology evolve and understand its value. So stay curious and keep learning because who knows? You might be that next tech innovator, but it's funny because I've had people ask me how I've learned to navigate through this Social posting, photography, podcasting, editing, etcetera. And I'll be honest, it is not easy And maybe it takes me a little longer to figure it out, but I read, I watch and I learn. That's something that we all can do. So here are a couple of ways that we can stay tech savvy and keep busting this myth.


1. dedicate time weekly to learn a new skill. AI is big right now. I know a lot of people are afraid of it, but it can be such a fun and useful tool. I've used it as my assistant, like to meal plan and ideas on organizing my day, fitness plans. Y'all, the possibilities are endless. I'm part of 2 groups that keep me updated on the latest AI. That's just one example of ways to learn, but there are plenty others. For instance, Have you used Canva before? It's not just for content creators.


There's so much that we can do in Canva. So if you haven't, Go check it out, play around with it, and let me know what you try, exploring new gadgets. I do it with my friend. So my friend Tanya at Stream Like A Boss is a tech and gadget guru. So she shares more with me than I do with her, but it's great to have somebody to chat with. We use the tools in different ways because of our, Our areas of focus are different, but it does make learning fun. Myth number 3. Now let's address the myth that women over 50 become less relevant in society.


This couldn't be more wrong. We bring experience, knowledge, and insight that's invaluable. In the workplace, We're mentors and innovators in entrepreneurship. We're founding successful startups with our seasoned perspectives and in society we're leading charitable organizations and community group groups. Our age It's an asset and our contributions are shaping a better world. We're only irrelevant If we allow ourselves to be wallflowers or just sit in the back of the room without contributing, make yourself known and show the value that you bring. I once had a pastor who pointed out to me how women may be paying attention to what you say, do, and how you carry yourself without you even knowing it. So you can be a mentor and influencing others without even knowing.


So let's do it in a positive way and continue to change the narrative. Myth number 4 is all about career and entrepreneurship. It's too late to start a new career or business after 50. This is so far from the truth. We're seeing a rise in on core careers driven by passion and desire for impact. I've always had a knack for embracing new ventures. So crossing the 50 mark didn't slow me down at all. In fact, It fueled my adventurous spirit even more.


I dove into the world of fashion and style, earning my certification as an image consultant. My journey didn't stop there. I launched the jewelry business and an online boutique. And quite unexpectedly, I find myself on this wonderful path of content creation. Although some of these ventures have since wrapped up, The wealth of knowledge and experience I gained from them continues to enrich my life in so many unexpected ways. Now did you know that the highest rate of entrepreneurship in America is now among the 55 to 64 age group? These careers aren't just about making money. They're driven by a desire for meaningful impact. So Find your passion, leverage your experience, stay open to learning network and start small.


It's never too late to reinvent yourself and make a meaningful impact. So are you wondering how to launch? Okay. Number 1, identify your skills and interests. Reflect on what you love and how your skills can trans late. Ask yourself, what excites you to create a roadmap? So set Small, achievable goals to move you forward, whether it's gaining new certifications or building a business plan. Just take it step by step. And 3, network and learn. Connect with like minded individuals.


The one thing I've learned over the past couple of years is that you can't do these things alone. I've learned so much from the groups that I've connected with. Our final myth is that adventure and romance are only for the young. The stereotype needs to be left behind. Adventure and romance are timeless and age should never be a barrier for experiencing them. Women over 50 are traveling more experiencing new cultures and indulging in adventures. Love and romance evolve with age, focusing more on companionship and shared interests. So, yeah, it may look a little different as we get older, but life doesn't stop.


As a matter of fact, many of us probably watched the golden bachelor. That definitely showed us that romance is alive at any age. So be open to new experiences, explore online dating, if that's your thing. Nurture your interests and prioritize self discovery. Remember, adventure and romance are there for the taking at any stage of life. Now that we've busted some common myths, let's celebrate the positive aspects of aging. It's not just about growing older. It's about growing richer in experiences and wisdom.


I found that there's a new found freedom in pursuing passions that we may have put on hold. Aging is an opportunity to rediscover parts of ourselves and to Embrace life's journey with all its twists and turns. So here are a couple of ways that you can embrace this. Gratitude journal. So start or end your day by jotting down things that you're grateful for. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we don't have or what isn't working, how our bodies look and feel different, etcetera, that we forget the simple things that we should be grateful for. I can say I am guilty of that, But this simple practice can shift our focus to the abundance of experiences and wisdom that come with age. And then share your story.


So consider sharing your experiences with others, perhaps through writing, speaking or art. Now I'm not saying that you should be the person that we used to laugh about as a kid. You know, the one who would say, now back in my day And whatever else would follow it, let's reframe the back in my day stories. Your journey can be a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. There you have it. 5 myths Thoroughly busted. We're not just aging. We're evolving.


We're learning, and we're thriving. Our age is a badge of honor. It's full of opportunities and new beginnings. Embracing age is about celebrating the journey that we're on. So as we continue to age, Let's do it with grace, style, and an unquenchable thirst for life. Thank you so much for joining me for 5 to thrive Tuesday. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe so that you don't miss an episode. If you enjoyed this segment, please rate, review, and share it with a friend.


Let's stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, and or threads at I am Valerie Hatcher, or email me at hello at aging with grace and Until next time, let's To need to age with grace, style, and a touch of sass.



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