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How quizzes can increase your email list and sales with Kylie Lang
Episode 2364th April 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Kylie Lang who is a Quiz Funnel Strategist and Course Creator as well as being founder of the 'Fab Factor'. She works with course creators and coaches to grow their email list, get more leads and have sell out launches using the power of an automated quiz funnel. We talk all about my new quiz – how we did it, the behind the scenes and how it works! We also tell you some of the things to consider if you would like to create your own quiz.  


  • Quizzes are another form of lead magnet – something of value you can give to someone in return for their name and email address
  • Some quizzes are designed to simply drive traffic and clicks – they don’t collect email addresses – they are fun and interactive
  • Quizzes that are designed as lead magnets are about building a connection with your audience – they are a two way street – you can give value but also learn more about them in return – this means you can really target your marketing and segment people
  • When people take a quiz, they are invested in what the result is – people love to find out more about themselves.
  • When you create a quiz there are three different types of questions you use in a quiz
  • Acknowledge what it is you said they might be – give them the answers to their question but empower them at the same time
  • Deliver value – give people a quick, actionable win. They can take that thing away and implement it
  • It takes around 6-8 weeks to develop a full quiz funnel
  • Not everyone will read the results page so you need to deliver the results via email
  • Look at your audience – what is the overriding problem they are having? What question can you answer that will appeal to the majority of your audience?
  • Allow your personality to come through so your audience can connect with you and find out more about you
  • The three types of questions: Diagnosis, non-diagnosis and visualisation
  • If you can surprise and delight your audience – you will build so much more of a connection with them!


Give them the what but not the how – that’s your paid for product!


  • How Kylie got to be a quiz funnel strategist
  • Why quizzes are great for businesses
  • The things you need to think about when you create a quiz
  • The three types of questions you can use in a quiz
  • How the back end of a quiz works


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Hello, and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. We've got a good one for you. So you probably know if you have been listening for a while. I have the most amazing quiz out there.

That's, is so clever and does such cool stuff. And we spent such a long time putting it together and today we're telling you all about it. We're going behind the scenes. We're telling you how we did it. We're telling you all the good stuff that went in it and how it works and how hopefully it's going to encourage people to join the right level of the club that is suitable for them.

So I was joined by the very lovely Kylie. Kylie did the quiz for me. Now. She worked with me. She is a quiz funnel specialist, and she worked directly with me and helped me put together the kind of basically helped me put together the quiz. I had a really good idea in terms of like what I wanted to happen in terms of questions and leading people into the Club.

That was as much as I got. So, uh, Kylie Lang is a quiz funnel strategist, and a course creator as well as being the founder of Fab Factor. She works with course creators coaches to grow their email list and get more leads and have sell out launches using the power of automated quiz funnels. After running her digital course company for nearly 14 years.

When there was no social media to speak of, and most courses are paper-based. She made plenty mistakes and has been part of a massive growth in digital marketing at grassroots level. Fast forward 2022 uh, she's got a multiple six-figure launches and a seen her email lists Grove by 700% by creating highly converting quiz funnels.

So attributes much for success to have framework called 'Fab Factor'. And build an emotional connection with clients and helps them take their next step. So that's the amazing Kylie, like I said, it's a really good episode. I said last week that I was trying to reduce the length of my interviews, just because I know they can be quite long.

And I did say to Kylie, right, we're trying to reduce the length. Let's see how we get on. And we talked a lot, so I'm sorry we are trying, or I'm trying. And I had batch recorded so many of them, so there's still some quite long ones. Anyway. Uh, here is the very lovely Kylie. I can't wait to what you think.

So I am very excited today to welcome to the podcast, the very lovely Kylie Lang. Kylie how are you doing?

Kylie: I'm very excited to be here. Thank you so much. I do well actually feeling very good.

Teresa: I'm very excited that you're here and it will all become apparent as we go on. Uh, the fact that we've worked together and it's exciting to talk about the journey. Um, but before we get started, like we always do. Can you explain to my lovely audience who you are and how you got to do what you're doing today?

Kylie: Oh, absolutely. I'm ancient. I'm 50 now. And I have been in this for more years than I care to count. Um, and I've had several different careers. So I started off as, um, a wedding and event planner many, many years ago. And that kind of led into my second business, which was as a course creator for the wedding and event industry, which was 13 years ago.

So we were still on dial-up internet at that time. If you can remember that, you know, that crazy noise that used to get, and you could get on the phone at the same time and all that jazz. Well, that's when I started my first online course. So you can imagine. The who save learning curve that went on as everything transitioned from snail mail.

Cause I lived in Australia at the time, um, and distance learning isn't bought to Aussies because they've been learning by radio for years now because the country is so big. But it kind of grew and grew, grew. And I absolutely loved doing online training and courses and just being able to put my expertise out there.

And after about go, I got to about 2016 and it got very, very hard to just rely on organic traffic. Suddenly you have to have this thing called a lead magnet. It's like, oh my goodness. I actually have to work at getting clients that doesn't have to come to me anymore. And that's when I discovered quizzes. And it was kind of by accident.

I created this quiz for my wedding business or the wedding academy called what's your hidden wedding planner talent? And it just went insane. It went off the charts and I tweaked it and got better with the questions. I took a course from somebody called Ryan Levesque, who is like the granddaddy of the quiz funnel.

And I learned how to do this for other people. So yes, the wedding academy still going strong. Coming into its 14th year. Um, but I now don't really work very much in that business. They kind of wheel me out for the odd webinar or a master class to do some training, but I have people that run it for me. So now I call myself a crisp funnel strategist, and I build quizzes for living, which always makes people go, "Wow. That's cool. What is it?"

Teresa: That sounds good. I've no idea what you mean, but great.

Kylie: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. That's always happens. So that's kind of like the journey in a nutshell of how I've got to this point now.

Teresa: The thing is like the fact that you were in the online learning space for so long, like the stuff you must have seen, the fact that you were doing on dialogue. Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine.

Kylie: It's like social media. So you didn't like yellow pages was still the big thing. Yeah. You put your ad in yellow pages and hope that somebody would find it, you know, that's how long ago this was. So, and really 14 years isn't that long ago when you think about it.

Teresa: No, but in this industry, it is, it's a really long time ago. Isn't it?

Kylie: There was no teaching platforms. You know how now we have Kajabi, Thinkific, teachable, et cetera. There was nothing. There was two and they were both horrendously expensive, and none of them really meet our needs, but it was one of those things. You, it forces you to really have to learn because it was moving at such a high speed. But that's not a bad thing because you, you learn new skills, but you also understand what you're good at and also what you're not good at. And that was a big learning curve for me as well.

Teresa: We'll say, when did you realize that the quiz thing was like, hang on a minute. This is brilliant. And actually I'm going to pull away from here and go down more this route.

Kylie: It was about two and a half years ago. Um, because I am one of these people who I need a constant challenge. And as much as I do love the wedding academy and the wedding industry has been very, very good to me over the years, the challenge had gone.

So there was nothing I didn't really know about the industry. And of course, when COVID hit, the people was real sort of confidence in the industry, took a bit of a nosedive. It really did. And so it kind of gave me the kick up the bum I needed to go, you know what, I've got people keep asking me, how do I build a quiz?

Can you help me? Can I pay you to do mine for me? And when you have that sort of thing coming at you, without you even looking at looking for it yourself, you kind of need to take the bull by the horns and go. I mean for a penny in, for a pound off we go. Yeah. And that's what I did. I knew what I was doing.

It was a case of putting together a strategy and a structure and really just looking at how I'd done my own and putting that plan and that formula behind it, and then deciding who it is I wanted to work with. And of course, for me, it made natural sense to want to work with course creators and membership owners.

But now, I mean, we've expanded a lot more and I've worked with service providers. I'm currently working with some very interesting people. I've got an opera singer. I know. I've got an artist who has an art membership. I've got Indie musician, like seriously, the different people is insane, but that's the beauty of a quiz.

It works for so many different industries, styles, people, and it really comes down to anything it's knowing what your goal is. And we talked about this when we did yours, it's about knowing what you want to achieve and everything in business starts from that point. Doesn't it?

Teresa: For sure. So if someone sat here thinking.

How does a quiz? Cause I think like everyone's done those quizzes online. I have to say, I don't. Like I'm one of these people I've done quizzes, but I never do like the, the Facebook ones, which the whole boards, paper you or whatever it is, which Harry Potter, I don't do that. I find like some of those ones that are yeah um I don't want him.

Um, but my daughter does and she'll tell me which one I am or whatever.

Kylie: She do them for you.

Teresa: But yes, exactly. So I always, you know, we've seen these quizzes, so someone might be starting to think, hang on, is that what you're talking about? Is that what businesses should be using? Why do they want a Harry Potter one? Like, so just explain what you mean when you're talking about the quizzes and like why a business should be looking at them?

Kylie: So essentially the quizzes that I'm talking about are another form of lead magnet. And we all know that our lead magnet is something of value we give to somebody in return for the name and email address. Simple. Now a lot of lead magnets now are quite wants they are. They are, they're all one sided. It's not a two-way street.

It's a one way street. Now the type of quiz you're referring to the, you know, what Hogwarts house would I be in or friend's character am I, bloody, bloody blah, blah. They're the Buzzfeed quizzes and they've been created with one thing in mind and that is literally to drive traffic and that's it. They won't clicks.

They didn't want anything else. It's not about giving value. It's not about even getting names and email addresses, really, because they're not going to send you anything, particularly they reveal the results immediately. So these are more like the fun, interactive quizzes you've got in things like Cosmo magazine, you know?

Teresa: Yeah. Yeah. Remember the day when we actually fill it in. The box, this is brilliant. Like such a throwback.

Kylie: It really is, isn't it, but didn't, we all do it. We all did it, but that's what those types of quizzes are. They like the online version of our old fashioned tick, the box quiz in Cosmo and all the rest of it. So the type of quiz I'm talking about is one that gives value.

So it's about building a connection with your audience. So. When I say they are a two way street, there is no other lead magnet that will not only allow you to give value to your audience, but allow you to learn about your audience in return, by the questions that you ask, any other lead magnet, it's static, you download it.

You don't really find out anything other than a name and an email address, but a quiz does many, many things. A quiz will allow you to find out things about your audience, it will allow you to give value. It allows people to engage, but more importantly, it really allows you to do targeted marketing. So it's about being able to take that information that you've been given when they've given you their answers, implementing that within your marketing and then segmenting your marketing.

So that instead of sending a generic email to everybody that downloaded your PDF beat sheet, you can actually say, okay, anybody that answered this question with answer A or B or C, they're going to get this. Anybody that answered, let's say, or got this particular outcome they're going to receive this particular offer. So what it allows you to do is get much more into the psyche of your ideal client.

So rather than feeling like you're talking to everyone and it's a bit generic and a bit naaah, you can be so targeted so that your person who's reading it or getting the results or taking the quiz can have this moment where they go, "Oh my God. He, or she absolutely gets me. It's like they're inside my head."

You want them to have that light bulb moment. And you can't do that with another type of lead magnet. It's impossible. I mean, there's a lot of moving parts as you know.

Teresa: Oh believe me, I know. Like.

Kylie: It isn't just questions, is it?

Teresa: And I think this is the other thing I think, like I would say about any lead magnet, it's got to be quality.

And in fact, when you and I worked together to build my quiz, That was the thing I wanted more than anything. I wanted to make sure I actually gave people something like, cause we've done quizzes before. I'm sure you, if you're anything like me, you must opted to every quiz going. Any lead magnet go in. I'm opting in.

So Kylie's all over the quizzes. So there's quizzes that I've done in the past. I've gone naaah. With the onset. Do you know what I mean? Like, yeah. Well, I could have told you that or, well, that was a waste of time. I've just filled all of that. And then you've told me next to nothing. I have to say a couple of the ones that have come up recently, we've talked about its offset and Paul fills.

Uh, Rachel Rogers' like, their quizzes have really good, but I have to ones that were like a bit lame and then it was obvious. Everyone gets not, everyone gets the same answers, but. It's not really that personalized. And one thing I was so, so keen on was A to make sure I gave people some really good quality, and B that I personalized as much as I possibly could.

So just talk a bit and you, I mean, I know that mine is a little bit on the extreme side. But talk about that element.

Kylie: I nearly had a heart attack, about what you asked me to do.

Teresa: And it's amazing. Like, honestly, it would not be here if you were not doing that.

Kylie: Yeah, you're right. It was fantastic. And I was amazed at the lengths. You are prepared to go to for the personalization, which I think is fantastic, but you're absolutely right. When you...




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