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Are You Prepared?
Episode 15315th March 2022 • Moments with Moni • Monika Hardy
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Are you Prepared?

Ephesians Intro

Much talk of being prepared for the ugly times ahead that many are predicting and encouraging you to be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. 

Much talk about the loss of strength and power of the United States but with all that talk, I don’t hear much talk about being spiritually prepared for what is coming at the end of this Church Age.

Barna Group Statistics claimed that:

  • 91% of Adult Believers do not have a Biblical World View. 
  • 98% Percent of Millilenial Believers do not have a Biblical World View. 

As shocking and appalling as that is, it is not a surprise to me for the Bible plainly tells us that there will be a falling away of believers from the truth of God’s word, and turning away from God. 

When I was young and learning the Word and then sharing with others I was always reminded about the saying that the Truth of the scriptures is only one generation away from being lost forever. 

With statistics like this, it looks like we are very close to another prophecy, a forth telling of God’s word that may soon come to light. 

In this Church Age we are to defend the faith and keep the scriptures pure and yet if we look around we see more opinions than doctrines. For quite some time, words have been changed to confuse listeners and attacks on absolute truth have made way fro circular logic. 

Such Non-conclusionists give us pretty firm absolute comments when their aim is to convince others that they are not irrational in their belief of  differentiating knowledge from belief and then question belief to deny religious truth. For example Nihalists  that “believe” that all values are baseless and reject the general, fundamental aspects of human existence, such as “objective truth” which is just another example of circular non-logic. They say it is not provable to the intellectual theist, only interpretive. Which makes me wonder how they can believe that statement since they can’t believe in anything. So, a ”religious” fear, would overwhelm their so called “rational thought”, with their truth being science, technology and evolution.

In the end with these “beliefs” they are only “closer to their truth” with no real conclusion as the circular logic goes round and round. Sure makes for great  intellectual conversations, but we were warned that these last days that the longer the King is gone, the worse it will be and the endless intellectual conversations, and quest for intellectual interpretiveness, will not bring them to the the knowledge of the Truth. 

God has clearly said to take hold of the truth, but where are we to find it in a world where the meaning of words are being changed to confuse and divide. How are we to gather a Literal, foundation of the truth if Literalism now defines literal as a bad word. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if these things were going on outside of the church because we wouldn’t expect unbelievers to act according to the scriptures, but it goes deep into the heart of the churches which is reflected in the statistics we heard earlier. Another saying from days past that has swirled about is

“Don’t preach to the Choir” 

God is also clear when He says, judgement begins at the House of God, perhaps it’s time to preach to the choir once more. 

Now that we are finished with the Book of Ruth, it might be time for a “spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down,” Oh wait no, that’s from a fairytale. Time for some doctrine and definitions along with application in the arena of life. 

Gather your notebook, and pen or pencil, and listen in as we begin with some background and History of the culture. Let’s grab hold of the truth together as we dig into the Book of Ephesians. 

Historical Background

Cultural Insights

Ephesians 1:1-3

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