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Episode 35 | Breaking The Cycle Of Harm-doing with Andrea Lee
Episode 3512th October 2020 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Breaking The Cycle Of Harm-doing

Our guest on the podcast this week is Andrea Lee, a futurist with her finger on the pulse of the human spirit and how it can change the world. Throughout her life, Andrea has done one thing – help the people she cares about achieve what they think is impossible.

Not once, but twice, she helped reinvent the coaching profession and knows one thing for sure: humanity is essentially good, and astonishingly powerful.

Andrea is a trusted source of coaching innovation, a force for change in the field of emotional abuse, and her business was named an extraordinary ‘Bull Market’ company by Seth Godin and Fast Company Magazine.

Listen in as Andrea dives deeply into how powerful we truly are as humans, and how we can inadvertently harm each other and not even realize. She shares her personal life journey which brought her to the realization that experiencing a high stress childhood can lead us to perpetuate and normalize verbal and physical abuse as adults.

Andrea speaks with such ease and grace about hard topics, she gently guides us to the realization that we can change, and stop actively fostering blind spots about the impact we have on ourselves and others. This was such an insightful conversation that gently requests that you ask yourself some of the deeper questions like, what do I want from my life? And who do I want to become? Answers we all get to choose for ourselves in the deep recognition that we are not islands, and whatever we decide will have an impact on others, but is it the impact we want to behaving?

Listen in and decide for yourself…

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