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E336 - Start your business with the brand leading to the brand strategy all the way to the web | with Ari Krzyzek
Episode 33616th May 2023 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Ari Krzyzek is the CEO and Head of Strategy of Chykalophia. This creative technology agency helps women-led brands in FemTech & DTC achieve their goals with their brand through strategic positioning. Ari helps women-led companies delight their customers beyond a pretty design, focussing on its social and cultural impact and innovation through data and tech and visionaries behind them. She transforms the vision of a business into a tangible form that helps set the business apart from its competitors. Her one constant in her work is spot-on design for significant impact without fail because she specializes in establishing strong brand pillars and online experiences. 

Ari is originally from a small island in Indonesia called Bali. Growing up she didn’t know what she wanted to be and when she finally decided what she wanted, it didn't get her parent's approval because they thought that she was going to be a starving artist. She had a great passion for design and felt intrigued by all things related to marketing and advertising. Translating ideas into something more tangible that people can connect with, gain more sales and create more impact on the community.

What people don't know about creating a brand is that it’s about understanding the company or brand's character. The purpose and how it impacts the audience. Every brand is unique because it's created for its specific audience. When you have a specific focus, it's easier for people to remember who you are and who you're serving. Ari came to realize that the type of people she ended up working with was women. As a woman founder building her own company, she was surprised at how amazing the community of women entrepreneurs and business owners was, they weren’t only super supportive, but they were warm with their guidance in everything that she needed to do. 

Ari believes when you strategically position your brand to make a significant impact you have to go back to square one, re-assessing the marketing system and going to an agency or a specific expert for specific reasons to gain their knowledge and get the recommendation for the best practices. Essentially business exists to create customers and deliver a connection, messaging, and solutions for your target audience. Translating these different ideas and experiences for audiences online and getting traffic to the website by following the map they created. 

Coming from a specific channel into a specific page on the website, what information they need to know for them to have confidence about the brand, themselves, the product, and services, all the way through the experience that they will get from clicking the buttons. Making everything feel like a seamless journey, with set pathways for users coming in and very specific actions to navigate them to the conversion point.

In this episode:

[02:06] When Ari decided to have a career in design, marketing, and advertising.

  • Translating ideas into something more tangible that people can connect with.
  • Gaining more sales and creating more impact on the community.

[05:33] Having another perspective of how people advertise around the world.

  • How ads are mapped for us to make us respond.
  • Always be focused on the specifics of your site. 

[08:10] How Ari, as a woman founder started working with women-led organizations.

  • Women are not only super supportive they guide and nurture you. 
  • Woman founders simply have bigger visions. 

[11:20] Ari explains when you create a website that you have to consistently work on it.

  • It should be an investment to gain more leads and more sales to support your business.
  • There's no point in building a website if your marketing systems don’t play a specific role.

[15:15] Your business exists to create customers.

  • Delivering connection, messaging, and solutions for your target audience.
  • Start with the brand, right through the brand strategy to the web.

[20:40] When customers visit your website, it should be a seamless journey.

  • Guide your customers so that they understand what they need.
  • Have set pathways and very specific actions to get conversions.