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Seeking Sustainability LIVE talkshow from Japan - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 77, 13th August 2020
Vegan Hokkaido StartUp - MyEcoLife | Alex St-jean
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Vegan Hokkaido StartUp - MyEcoLife | Alex St-jean

Alex St-Jean and his wife Mami met on an #organic farm in #Canada and now live in #Hokkaido and run two online businesses selling soy candles and environmentally-friendly goods hard to find in Japan to people who are trying to live healthier, happier, less wasteful and more sustainable lives.

In this talk, Alex introduces how the business got started, inspired by meeting the head of MUGI company. Then we go through their great selection of #zerowaste products and why they are more #sustainable choices than usual offerings.

A key part of launching their own business was realizing that filling their own needs, as vegans striving to live zero waste, could extend to running a small business and providing that service to others.

Soy (Paraffin-free, scented and unscented) North Candles: https://northcandles.jp/

MyEcoLife (Zero-Waste Goods for a sustainable lifestyle): https://myecolife.jp/

Watch the video of our talk here: https://youtu.be/Vn9MabYTBLI

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