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Simo Ahava on Taking Control with Server-Side Tag Manager
Episode 215th March 2022 • Life after GDPR • Rick Dronkers
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Life after GDPR - Ep. 2 - Simo Ahava on Taking Control with Server-Side Tag Manager

In this episode, I interview Simo Ahava, probably the most renowned Google Tag Manager specialist out there. You can follow Simo on Twitter and LinkedIn and read his writing on his blog. If you want to step your game up and learn all about Server-Side Tag Manager, GA4 in BigQuery, and Web Browsers and Tracking Protections you should sign up for his courses.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The difference between client-side and Server-Side Tag Manager
  • Why Server-Side tag manager offers the control that is essential for GDPR compliance
  • The power, and danger, of Conversion API's
  • Why Google's Consent Mode might not solve what we would want it to solve
  • The current situation with Google Analytics in Europe
  • And much more...

Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

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