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Connecting Purpose and Profit with Kathy Varol
Episode 628th August 2023 • The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter • Colin Hunter
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In this episode of the Leadership Tales podcast, the amazing Kathy Varol joins Colin to discuss the importance of purpose in organizations and how it connects to profit. Kathy is passionately driven by the goal to lead “a life well lived,” and aims, and does, to contribute to society in a multitude of ways.

Kathy shares her journey from working in the Peace Corps in Morocco to her role at Adidas, where she focused on purpose and strategy. The conversation explores the concept of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) strategy and the societal shift toward creating purposeful organizations. Colin also highlights Kathy's podcast, “Purpose and Profit,” which delves into stories of organizations embracing purpose. The episode concludes with a discussion about Banksy and the intrigue surrounding the artist's hidden identity. 

Tune in to learn how to better implement ESG into your organization, and gain insights into purpose-driven leadership and the impact it can have on businesses!

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