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Bringing Your Best Self to Work with Dr Sarah Goulding
Episode 6716th February 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr Sarah Goulding joins me to discuss how you can bring your best self to work without leaving bits of you behind.

Episode Highlights

[05:54] Sarah’s Story

  • Sarah is a careers coach, a GP, an appraiser and a trainer.
  • She had always wanted to have a portfolio, but she slowly started to burn out as she gathered roles over time. 
  • When Sarah resigned from her partnership, she rediscovered her passion for medical education and supporting other doctors.

[13:02] Why It’s So Hard to Recognise Burnout

  • In medicine, there is a groupthink of glorifying tiredness. 
  • This can be hard to notice when it has been ingrained in your worldview. 
  • Burnout can occur from factors outside work. 
  • Strike a balance between professional values and personal values.

[20:18] How Sarah’s Values Misaligned 

  • Sarah’s job as a GP partner didn’t allow her to connect with her patients as much as she wanted to.

[23:21] How to Create a Workplace That Fits You

  • Assess your career to see if it fits your personal values. 
  • Talk to someone external to you.
  • Your values, priorities, or work can change.

[30:21] How to Find Your Core Strengths 

  • Use various tools and books to determine your strengths and reasons for doing what you do.
  • People have different strength profiles.
  • Have a full understanding of your options.
  • Measuring yourself by your accomplishments is too narrow a metric.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn more about discovering your core strengths.

[44:08] Three Tips for Professionals at Work

  • If you're on the edge of burnout, then phone a friend, someone not like yourself.
  • Ask yourself: When were you last fulfilled or happy?
  • Look at your life as an external observer, and compare your professional and personal values.

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