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Episode 32 β€’ 6th December 2021 β€’ Fight Club 4 Business β€’ Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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πŸ“[7:59]Marketing: "Bringing in a Heart of Service to Your business"

πŸ“[10:27] Marketing: The importance of relationship marketing

πŸ“[11:13]Marketing: 60+% of people choose a contractor because they are referred by someone else.

πŸ“[12:54]Marketing: What would the responsibilities of a relationship marketer be and how can you afford it?

πŸ“[14:52]Marketing: Being intentional with your marketing and your customers.

πŸ“[15:37]Intentional Living

πŸ“[18:57]Finances: Talking Strategic Planning

πŸ“[19:21]Finance: Strategic Planning is the #1 thing a company should do. Devote 2 days to do next year's strategic plan

πŸ“[19:42] Finances: Doing some strategic planning leads you to be more intentional about your business growth

πŸ“[21:57]Step 1: Have someone else facilitate your strategic planning session

πŸ“[22:49]Step 2: Have a peer join your session to challenge your thoughts.

πŸ“[23:29]Bring in your goal numbers for the next year, then work backwards.

πŸ“[24:24]Start with why

πŸ“[26:17]Revisit your SMART goals (created from strategic planning session) at least quarterly


πŸ“[30:19]Discount Code: FC4B

πŸ“[31:10] Creating a culture of giving

πŸ“[31:47]Whatever you give seems to come back 10-fold.... "Kindness, money, time, respect, teamwork, etc"

πŸ“[32:08]Systems: R&D - Rob & Dublicate

πŸ“[35:04]Systems: Develop a contagious giving program... Inspired by the Gift of Heat - manufacturers love to serve your customers too - getting buy in from your employees - customers loved it!

πŸ“[35:59]Systems: What are Chris' time hacks? Teamwork makes the dreamwork

πŸ“[38:29]Systems: Systematize your giving... Include your team. Set a budget. Be intentional. Review the asks and decide on your recipients all at once. Create a strategy for your giving.

πŸ“[39:56]People: Anyone can be a leader. Anyone with influence is a leader and they can use it for good or not so good...

πŸ“[41:53]People: How we treat people matters....

πŸ“[43:02]The Dream Manager

πŸ“[45:05]People: As part of employee onboarding... Define what is important to them, help them create a vision board, how can you connect the dots from team members goals to company goals?

πŸ“[48:20]People: It doesn't take that much work as a leader to inspire your team to dream and to meet those dreams. But the impact on their lives will last a lifetime.

πŸ“[48:58] People: Your people won't remember your goals but they will remember how they felt will you helped them meet their goals! A win-win for everyone.

πŸ“[51:57]Its go time

πŸ“[54:01]Marketing Homework: Read Intentional Living by John Maxwell Intentional Living

πŸ“[54:25]Finance Homework: Schedule your Strategic Planning Session before year-end

πŸ“[54:58]Finance Homework: Read it's Go Time Its go time

πŸ“[55:26]People Homework: Read Dream Manager The Dream Manager

πŸ“[56:24]Message Fight Club 4 Business your mailing address if you'd like a free copy of "It's Go TIme" as a gift this Giving Tuesday from Chris Hunter

"Quote of the week"

β€œThe best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of

kindness and love.”


Choosing a Life That Matters ,

How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action


The Dream Manager

It's Go-Time

Read Intentional

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