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Effective Leadership skills with Stanley Ward
Episode 4420th February 2021 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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My guest today is a leadership educator, coach and author of multiple books Stanley Ward.

He is a founder and principal of Influence Coaching, who helps leaders develop needed relational and conceptual skills so they can succeed both at work and at home.

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  • (00:02:09) - What compelled Stanley to become an expert on leadership
  • (00:03:51) - What does leadership mean to Stanley
  • (00:10:20) - Conceptual skills and relational skills versus just technical skills
  • (00:19:16) - Dealing with the weight of it all & not getting depressed
  • (00:21:39) - Looking after self care - Stanley shares
  • (00:27:31) - Leadership is not just about getting stuff done
  • (00:34:11) - Strengths, weaknesses & liabilities and power of radical openness
  • (00:40:29) - Flipping the mic for a minute :)
  • (00:42:12) - How to give feedback to others without the shit sandwich
  • (00:48:48) - How to get in touch with Stan

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