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3 ways I help my kids declutter
11th April 2023 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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Here are a few things I do to help my kids declutter, specifically my one kid who holds on to everything. Most recently the flowers we got for our home that were dying.. that are now being hung to dry.

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1. I tell them openly about why I am getting rid of my own things. Today I got rid of some things and told her it was because I didn't have time to use it any more, and someone else would love to use it.

2. I talk about why sometimes we have to get rid of their things - like they're too small, they're worn out.

3. I talk about all the things we have and love and why we have them, how we use them and how much we appreciate them. My idea behind this is that it’s normal to talk about what we keep, why we keep it and have contrast for things we don’t and why we don’t keep it.

She still struggles to let things go, but today when I told her I was getting something that the entire family really thought was pretty cool, it ultimately is something I was keeping for the ideal version of myself I want to be but just am not right now.

I know I couldn't tell her that much detail so I just kept it at "we don't have time to use it and someone else will really love to use it!" and she was satisfied. It also helped me let it go too.

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