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Raising Confident Teens - Murphy Solutions, LLC EPISODE 48, 14th June 2021
Teens and Taxes
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Teens and Taxes

Thinking of starting a business or looking for some side jobs during the summer? On today’s podcast we chat with Caitlynn Eldridge about how to structure your business from the beginning to pay your taxes and keep the IRS happy.

After nearly a decade in public accounting and corporate tax offices- Caitlynn has honed her passion and talents to help small business owners by not only preparing their taxes and books but also to educate and empower them to better understand the numbers and take ownership over the number decisions in their business. To better serve all businesses she also founded The CPA Hour which bring a membership-style service to the bookkeeping and CPA world allowing all levels of businesses to have quality help.


Find Caitlynn

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/caitlynneldridgecpa

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/caitlynn-eldridge-cpa-77205712/

Website https://caitlynneldridge.com