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Ep 79: Getting Jacked, Barbells are Overrated, and Using Dopamine to Your Advantage with Jesse McMeekin
Episode 7927th June 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you know what things you need to be doing to get the physique you want? Joining me on the show this week is Jesse McMeekin, owner and founder of Adapt Performance, where he specializes in working with coaches, trainers and other high-level clients in training, education and mentorship. He and I sit down together to talk all things body composition, hypertrophy, getting jacked, and building the physique you want this summer.

 We start the conversation off by sharing our tips and strategies for finding the right training structure and layout to understand and maintain stress complexity in your training. We share different protocols, rep schemes and program structures that will help drive hypertrophy and get you the body composition you are looking for. We then re-examine a handful of the industry’s sacred cows, one of them being barbells and why they are overrated.

 We steer the conversation to the double progression method and the dopamine effect and how it gets you excited and always keeps you coming back for more. Listen in as we discuss programming effort, accountability and flexibility, training splits, and balancing complexity with simplicity. We then share why it’s important to gamify your programming, that way you can give your clients specific numbers to work with and try to beat.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [05:17] Intro to Jesse McMeekin
  • [08:15] Knowing how much stress you can handle
  • [09:55] Training structure and layout
  • [12:14] The importance of having fun in your training 
  • [13:41] Whole body day versus upper lower splits
  • [15:43] The psychological wear and tear lower body training has on you
  • [17:12] Why barbells are overrated
  • [21:08] Understanding stress and complexity
  • [24:06] Using accessory work as maintenance
  • [26:32] Double progression method
  • [28:24] Dopamine effect
  • [35:41] The importance of gamification in your programming
  • [39:54] Requisite work capacity and recovery


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