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How to use a podcast for your local pet service business with Greg Pattison
Episode 8821st October 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Do you run a local pet service business and are curious as to how having a podcast might be helpful?

If so, you will love this podcast episode with Greg Pattison from Great Paws dog training who hosts the Woofin Pawsome podcast.

Greg is proof that podcasts can play a vital role for those in the pet industry and he has used his to grow his business as a dog trainer in a really creative and interesting way.

His podcast brings an element of extra support to the pet owners he’s working with, and it’s been transformational for his business.

It’s helped him build a community with other pet professionals, attract more clients, generate lots of leads and bookings.

And it's helped inspire him to come up with programmes and packages for existing clients.

So if you're thinking of starting a podcast, Greg shares how it could work for you, plus loads of practical advice on how to get going.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2.07: About Greg

2.42: About Greg’s podcast 

4.21: What promo did greg do before the podcast?

7.47: The promotional surprise benefits Greg found from doing a podcast 

11.40: How having a podcast has helped Greg build relationships with potential clients

13.58: How Greg first approached podcasts vs how he does them now 

16.58: How have guest podcasts benefitted the show?

20.04: How Greg is generous with his content in his podcast 

22.16: What’s the benefit of the podcast on Gregs business?

22.43: What impact has the podcast had on Greg's dog training business?

27.14: How Greg personally connects with podcasts 

31.04: What other pet professionals need to know about setting up a podcast?

37.32: When does Greg schedule his podcast and his advice to other pet businesses

40.57: What’s next for Greg and his podcast and business?

47.05: Where to find out more about Greg

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And check out his podcast: 

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