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Predictions of Email Marketing 2021
Episode 6520th January 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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It’s 2021 and emailing marketing is still one of the best ways to grow your business and get more sales.

But are there going to be any changes to how email marketing works and performs this year?

More importantly, how can you ensure that your own email marketing is as effective as possible?

In a world of never-ending changes and updates, we want to help you get the very best out of your emails, so in this episode, we’re going to give you our predictions of where we think email marketing is heading, in 2021.

Predictions of Email Marketing 2021

Episode Content

  • (02:25) It’s a brand-new year…what’s going to change?
  • (02:48) One of the biggest things we talk about and are continuing to talk about.
  • (04:33) Is your big list actually paying your bills?
  • (05:22) The people who actually LOVE receiving your emails.
  • (06:38) Why should people open your emails in the first place?
  • (08:07) “Yay! another catalogue has been posted through my letterbox. Let's throw it away.”  
  • (09:33) Marks and Spencer do this very well (and we’re not just talking about their food).
  • (10:15) If you’re not already doing this, you need to start this year…or right now. 
  • (12:27) The reason people stop opening your awesome emails.
  • (13:01) One of the very best things you can do with this strategy. 
  • (14:29) We think this next thing is going to increase, so make sure you jump onboard. 
  • (15:59) If you do the above thing, it’s going to solve something BIG.
  • (17:43) We think this acronym is going to really catch on!
  • (18:08) OK, but how can you actually apply all of this?
  • (18:39) This week’s subject line of the week is bit of a naughty one.

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