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Why Does Imposter Syndrome Make Your Mind Go Blank In Meetings? [Episode 033]
Episode 3329th March 2023 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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Have you ever had your mind go totally blank when you're asked a question in a meeting, only to have the answer you wanted to give miraculously pop up, the moment the spotlight moves on? Want to know how to fix that?

Then this episode of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast is for you! Here's what we'll cover:

  • The mistaken belief that most of us pick up when our mind goes blank
  • What my research says about how scarily common this is
  • The caveman effect - and why neuroscience means you can't prevent this.. unless..
  • The two types of fear, and how to press pause on the one that is making your mind go blank
  • Why you need to start today, not in the meeting, to turn this around
  • A sixty-second emergency quick fix you can use as the spotlight is coming towards you


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