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You are not a content creator, or are you? with Lisa Raebel
Episode 10527th May 2021 • Local First • Rob Kochanski
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Whether you own a small business, an entrepreneur, or starting a new business marking and sales are crucial to survival. Lisa dives deep into what it takes to be strategic in your business with your marketing. Key takeaways from Lisa
  • You don't have to do everything in marketing.
  • You don't need to do tens of thousands of dollars.
  • You need to become a subject matter expert.
  • It's OK not to work with everybody that you meet with.
More about Lisa Raebel & Rebel Girl Marketing, LLC I have been in the sales and marketing game for over 25 years and it has been a wild ride! Marketing strategies today can get shaky if you do not start with a solid foundation of understanding of your primary audience, what resonates with them, and knowing where they hang out. Taking the sales perspective into consideration when developing marketing strategies is key to successful campaigns. It comes down to the basics: KNOW | LIKE | TRUST Rebel Girl Marketing was created to help business owners who know they need marketing yet have no idea where to start. Helping others get out of their own way to see how great they are and then finding a way to tell their world is what I love to do each day. First of all, I love talking about marketing... almost as much as my husband likes to talk about golf! :-) My goal is to get the audience to step back and look at their business, asking themselves if their message today matches their current goals and offerings. Contact Lisa for more information. Connect with Lisa today Never miss an episode Subscribe and share with one other person. Would you like to be a guest on Local First Podcast? Get started by going to Listen to all the episodes randomly at Produce by Local First Podcast Production Services This episode is brought to you by: EXACTA Corporation Family Organizer Plus The first app designed for the ultimate social network. The Family.  



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