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36 — Decisions Over Decimals, Learning Intuition
Episode 367th November 2022 • Greenbook Podcast • Greenbook
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Can intuition be taught?

The authors of newly published, Decisions Over Decimals, Paul Magnone (Google), Christopher Frank (American Express), and Oded Netzer (Amazon), prove that it can in a conversation with our host Lenny Murphy. The authors delineate the core methodologies that unite theory and practice in research. Quantitative intuition helps unlock 'what you wish you knew' to make more informed decisions.

You can reach out to Paul on LinkedIn.

You can reach out to Chris on LinkedIn.

You can reach out to Oded on LinkedIn.

Many thanks to Paul, Chris, and Oded for being our guests. Thanks also to our producer, Natalie Pusch; and our editor, James Carlisle.

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