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Prayer 2021 - September 21 - Prayer and Miracles pt 3
Episode 26221st September 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Acts 11:5

“I was in the city of Joppa praying, and in a trance I saw a vision. I saw something like a large sheet being let down from heaven by its four corners, and it came down to where I was.”

Prayer and Miracles pt 3

We have been talking these last few days about Prayers and Miracles and how they go hand in hand. Amen!  I pray your eyes are being opened to the fact that we are not supposed to living day by day dependent on God’s miracles to see us through! We should be walking with our Spiritual eyes opened and our Spiritual ears attuned to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit so we stay out of trouble and walk the path that God wants us on. Amen!

When you go to bed at night…and you are still awake…you should be praying…just lay down and praise God for the day you had, the peaceful night sleep and the day He is planning for you tomorrow! Amen!!!  But, I have to warn you…once you start praising Him…you may not go to sleep right away…! Remember the kiddie prayer you said as a child?

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May the angels watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light. Amen!”

Well, Jesus said we should come to His Throne as little children…if you stop and think about that prayer…it was a good prayer….Later we will take up the study of the different kinds of prayer…but I want to remind you, again, that we are studying Prayer miracles…Prayer change THINGS - not people…Not prayer that changes God…we are studying prayer that changes THINGS. Amen!

Don’t get caught up in “tradition” during your prayer time.  Don’t get into the habit of quoting the same thing over and over and over during your prayers…it does not impress God.  Think about it from God’s perspective….sometime just sit back and look at it like you were God…would you be impressed with your prayer…probably not.  Think about it like a parent and your child comes in and just says the same thing, in the same order, with the same emotion, each and every day.... “Morning…what’s for breakfast…what time are we leaving for school…ok, bye..”  No emotion…no hugs…nothing…

You can’t do all of your “flowery” talk…all of your yakkity yack….it’s not impressing God and is not getting your prayers answered either…that’s why you are not seeing any results….rout memorization of scripture and saying it in prayer does not impress God.  Get out your Bible, find the scripture…and lift it to Him in Prayer…that’s what is called “returning His Word” to Him….for His Word does not return to Him void… it accomplishes what He pleases and always prospers where He sends it…”  amen!    So, ALWAYS…let me say that again in a way you can understand it…ALWAYS…base your prayers on what God has already said in His Word… and you WILL start to see your prayers being answered…you will start to see things happening that the world say, “It’s a miracle!” But you’ll be like – “No – It’s God!” Amen!

And I don’t mind telling you…there are about 99.9% of the churches out there that pray wrong…they are praying route prayers that are so general in nature, I don’t even think God claims them as His own. Amen! I don’t even ask them to pray for me…I won’t submit a prayer request to them because I don’t want them praying some weird thing over me…..amen!!!  I’m not saying that to be mean…I’m just very particular in who I want praying over me, my family, our ministry and situations we come against…I don’t want to get over into unbelief and witchcraft and other stuff that some of these churches get into during their prayer time….

“Unbelief…and Witchcraft brother Bob?”  Yes…

When they just pray rout prayers…there is no Faith in them…  it is just wasted air…and since there is not Faith with it…it is UNBELIEF….and when a prayer is prayed in Unbelief…it is of the devil…which empowers the devil to work….and since this type of prayer in unbelief alerted the devil to what areas I or someone else have requested prayer about…then he now knows his attack is being successful….so you don’t want someone or some church praying in unbelief over you do you? You want someone and some church praying effectively and annihilating the devil and stopping his attack...amen?

And witchcraft…is simply trying to manipulate PEOPLE into doing something… “Oh, God, I want you to tell sister so and so to give me her car…” “Oh God, I want you to tell my boss to give me a raise.”  Things like that… And when you get a church or a group of people praying like that, and saying, “in accordance with Matthew 18:19-20, we come into agreement…”  and the agreement is to move people, change people, things like that…that is not Faith either…it IS witchcraft….   

Well, I’m all out of time for today. We will talk more about that later….amen!

Let’s Pray! 

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