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You Can Decide How You Want to Grow Your Business Featuring Diane Tarshis
Episode 6113rd January 2022 • Smashing the Plateau • David Shriner-Cahn
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Diane Tarshis is a seasoned business advisor and founder of Startup Distillery. Working with entrepreneurs across the US and around the globe, Diane uses her unique mix of finance, retail, manufacturing, and operations experience to help entrepreneurs distill their ideas into profitable, growing businesses. We discuss:
  • Shifting from corporate life to small business life [02:32]
  • A double-edged sword or a fantasy [05:30]
  • A DIY kit for entrepreneurs [07:22]
  • Reasons to write a business plan [11:38]
  • The difference between growth and scaling [13:03]
  • The pressure for growth and scaling [16:38]
  • How to grow a consulting business and still keep it solo [18:20]
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