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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 175, 30th September 2020
God is the Master of Breakthroughs

God is the Master of Breakthroughs

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 175

Do you need a breakthrough in your life?

Perhaps its a circumstance or situation … or maybe a relationship – regardless, we each have areas that we need God to breakthrough in and bring life, restoration, reconciliation.

In this message, we look at a passage in 2 Samuel 5 where David deals with the Philistines and God breakthroughs so powerfully that the name of the location changes from the "Valley of Giants" to the place where God is the "Master of Breakthroughs."

If you are needing breakthrough in your life or a reminder of the powerful God we love, serve, and pray to, this episode will remind you that no matter what you are facing, God wants to be right in the middle of it and cause a breakthrough.

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