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4 Things To Implement in Your Life and Business to Crush Your 2023 Goals
Episode 4896th April 2023 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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I’m so glad you’re here listening to the podcast! What is the last thing you’ve implemented from the show?

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The first quarter of 2023 has flown by! Are you on track to accomplish your goals for this year? In this episode, we’re bringing back some moments from your favorite episodes so far this year. Have you implemented what you learned about personal branding from Hala Taha and how to create MORE energy from Gretchen Rubin? How about the tips Rachel Cruz gave us about sticking to a budget and investing, or my cousin Sarita’s tips on building unshakeable confidence as she has building businesses in between cancer treatments. Tune in to this episode and tag me on Instagram with what you’ve already implemented form the show so far this year! The only way we’re going to build life changing wealth, is by taking action!

00:42 - How do you build confidence?

04:30 - Why you need allies, not friends.

06:48 - After interviewing 10,000 millionaires, how do they invest their money?

09:28 - Why living on a budget gives you more freedom!

12:11 - Why you need to give your budget 90 days before you adjust it.

15:30 - What does it take to build a brand in 2023?

19:30 - What’s your relationship with your audience?

22:00 - What are the top two hacks for more energy?

24:25 - The quickest way to get an energy boost!