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Natalie Johnson- “Efficient Operations Serve Your Mission”
Episode 623rd April 2021 • Accelerant • Daxko
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Starting with the question, “How can we pull repetitive tasks off our directors so they can serve the mission at a greater capacity?” Natalie has been laser focused on streamlining business processes. From manning the front desk and folding towels, to memberships and business processes, Natalie Johnson’s Y career spans from South Florida to Pikes Peak, Colorado.  

In her new venture as the Vice President of Customer Transactions at the YMCA Managed Service Organization, Natalie is trailblazing a new path and sharing her passion for helping YMCAs find better operational processes. Listen how in this week’s episode of the Accelerant.  

  • As Paperless as Possible 

Innovating in the midst of a pandemic, Natalie’s team found ways to go from nearly 80% to 100% paperless. Using their website and their operational platform powered by Daxko, they found greater efficiency to scale processes, access to vital membership information, and curate the best member experience. 

  • Data Quality 

One core area the MSO specializes in is ensuring the data needed to function properly is accurate, including helping Y’s evaluate if their operating system is set up to count members correctly. 

  • Own Your Calendar 

Natalie’s skill in driving operational health shows up in her life and personal practices. In blocking time between meetings, Natalie ensure she has space to prioritize her wellbeing. While easier said than done, she noted saying it out loud or setting that intention helps ensure you respect that time for yourself.  

This episode was recorded on April 12, 2021.