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Introducing I AM My Passion Project with Lorna Nakell
Trailer1st March 2023 • I AM MY Passion Project • Lorna Nakell
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Turning 50 can be a pivotal moment in a woman’s life. Our patriarchal society has set constraints and expectations on all women—but mature women specifically—with harmful belief systems, media and advertising propaganda. These degrading messages can make us feel ashamed of how our bodies look and function, and our abilities to do the things that we want to do.

Lorna Nakell has been many things during her 52 years of life including an award winning artist, spearheader of the Portland State University Publishing Department event Transmit Culture, and, most recently, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I AM: My Passion Project is a way for her to give a voice to women over 50—a platform to discuss sexism, health and wellness, redefining beauty, and healing from betrayal trauma; sometimes scripted, sometimes off-the-cuff, and sometimes with passionate guests. So, schedule some self-care time each week, maybe with a big ol’ mug of tea, to learn new ways of resisting societal expectations while reimagining a world where mature women are made visible and empowered to become their own passion projects.

First Episode releases March 25, 2023

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[00:00:32] Sometimes scripted, sometimes off the cuff, and sometimes with passionate guests. Together we'll figure out ways to resist societal expectations while re-imagining a world where mature women are made visible and empowered to become their own passion projects. For over two decades, I have tried unsuccessfully to conform to the societal expectations of a nine to five career hustle.


[00:01:30] I am using my trauma time spent apart from my husband and the realization about my lackluster career path as a catalyst for my new direction in life. I've chosen to no longer use my creative talents to promote the work and businesses of others.


[00:02:05] I'm so excited to start this first season with you. Join me once a week or more for juicy topics, like how to make cities safer for women, experiential projects that you can get involved in, like run the uterus and quirky guests. Like Jen McNeely, creator and curator of a miniature museum inside Seattle's Museum of Museums.





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