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Is Your Gut Forcing You Into Extreme Nutritional Outlines?
Episode 44th March 2021 • Untapped Podcast By Dave O'Brien • Dave O'Brien
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Vegan, Plant Based & Carnivore diets are rocketing into public acceptance as some of the most popular and useful nutritional outlines recently.

We need to sit back and ask ourselves why is this? Is it purely ethical? Is it ancestral? Or is it because unknowingly our bodies are being forced into it without us really realising it. Dave believes it is more likely the latter.

In this podcast Dave outlines how certain issues related to your gut can be causing you to interact with certain foods poorly. Does this mean they are bad for you? Most likely not! It’s just the region in your body that needs to break them down is fundamentally broken!

Join me, Dave O'Brien as we take our time to clear up the murky water! 



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