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Mindfully Managing the Sticky Tricky for Your Balance Featuring Chantelle Fitzgerald
7th August 2019 • Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business • Naketa Ren Thigpen: Balance (and) Relationship Advisor
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Chantelle Fitzgerald is the founder of Mindset Strategies, LLC, where she equips leaders with the training and tools they need to become the best version of themselves. She is a certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainer and the host of the online show Mindset on RVNTV, where she converses with industry leaders about the challenges they encounter and the mindset they have to press on. Before founding her business, Chantelle was a French instructor, studied abroad, and worked for international education.

Chantelle joins me, Naketa R. Thigpen today to share how she figured out the need for equipping the workforce on how to deal with sticky and tricky situations in the workplace. She dives into the different professional situations that impact how we see ourselves as well as her personal stories that show how she recovered from depression. Chantelle also explains the meaning of the acronym PAUSE in her online course The Power of The Pause and how your mindset, thoughts, and the things you say to yourself affect your response and your ability to ‘get up’ and move forward.

“We say there is power in the PAUSE because if you can pause, there is power to figure out what your next best move will be, and that could save you from a lot of headaches later.” - Chantelle Fitzgerald

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

●Examples of sticky and tricky situations in the workplace
●Why it’s necessary to take a step back and reflect on life
●Why there is power in the pause
●The time in Chantelle’s life when mindfulness became her savior
●How to change your mindset and your thoughts that are causing your problems
●How the tools Chantelle used as a performer growing up hurt her desire to be someone in their next-level game of mindfulness and mindset
●How to move past survival into thriving
●A life-changing tool that helps people who are suffering to open up to you

A Little Permission to Pause:

●Meditate daily. Be self-aware enough to know when you need a break. Constantly improve yourself.

Connect with Chantelle Fitzgerald:

●Mind Strategies, LLC-

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