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23. Learning to Accept Yourself and Stop People Pleasing w/ Sky Quartararo
Episode 2311th March 2024 • Hustle For Happiness • Courtney Brooke
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It's time to flip the script of people-pleasing and negative self-talk. Join Courtney and celebrity makeup artist Sky Quartararo as they share their stories of determination and discovering true happiness. Unpack the power of staying authentically you in the face of societal pressures, and hear Sky's revelations about creating boundaries that honor your well-being. Get inspired to practice self-care that resonates with YOU and embrace unconditional self-love. 


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Skylar's origin story
  • How she embraced self-acceptance
  • Shifting the self-talk on the days when you're feeling more critical
  • Breaking hypervigilance and people-pleasing patterns
  • Navigating societal pressures and finding your authentic voice
  • How she prioritizes happiness every day
  • Making peace with your body
  • Be gracious and intentional with yourself
  • Finding peace through faith



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Guest info:

You can learn more about Sky by following her on her Instagram and TikTok @SkyLovie. 


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Episode transcript:

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